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AKTES Productions proudly introduces a film by Dimitrios Laskaridis, FIRST PRIVATE LESSON, a film shedding light on sexual harassment.

Join us in bringing FIRST PRIVATE LESSON to life. This powerful film tackles the issue of sexual harassment head on.

With a major executive producer onboard, who has collaborated with renowned actors and achieved great success in the film industry, this project is set to make a significant impact.

Follow the journey of a determined student as she confronts misconduct by her professor and seeks justice. This thought-provoking story raises important questions about the possibility of true justice in such situations.

Invest in FIRST PRIVATE LESSON this June and be part of a project that sparks change. Help us shed light on this pressing social issue through cinema. Contact us at  info@aktesproductions.com  to discuss investment opportunities.

Together, let's make a difference with FIRST PRIVATE LESSON.
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